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YATES McKendree Holds First Solo Performance on Delbert's "Sandy Beach Cruises" Jan 2023

Many fans of the Blues are readily familiar with Yates McKendree, who is known and loved as a crowd favorite performer turning heads and earning standing ovations on the Delbert cruise since childhood. And, it’s only natural that Yates and his band will be appearing as Artists on the ‘23 Sandy Beaches Cruise!

The Grammy-winning McKendree (for his work on Delbert’s “Tall, Dark and Handsome”) is embarking on his solo career dedicated to traditional blues music with his debut LP “Buchanan Lane” on the indy label Qualified Records. The album, and his show on the Cruise, will feature both classic cover tunes and original compositions Yates has co-written with Gary Nicholson, Delbert and other stellar blues songwriters.

The LP is produced by his multi-Grammy winning father, Kevin, and features an All-Star crew in the studio. “Buchanan Lane” highlights Yates’ skills and remarkable playing style and taste as a multi-instrumentalist, especially on guitar.

Yates has toured and performed around the globe from Nashville’s Bluebird to the Ryman, to the IBC in Memphis and beyond. He and his band are enthusiastically looking forward to performing for everyone on the Cruise inspired by the best musical education available anywhere: traditional blues music by the masters of the craft. We hope to see everyone there to enjoy Yates and his band’s debut on the Cruise!

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