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Common Sense Cover
Common Sense Front Cover_v2.jpg

Gary Nicholson is a Hall of Fame songwriter and Grammy winner with credits in multiple genres including country (Willie Nelson), blues (BB King), pop (Ringo Starr), rock (Fleetwood Mac), folk (John Prine), bluegrass (Del McCoury), Americana (Guy Clark) with over 700 recordings of his works, often in collaboration with the most iconic musical artists of our time. His songs have been featured in film as well, notably Jeff Bridges Oscar-winning performance of “Falling and Flying” in “Crazy Heart”. After a lifetime of contribution to American culture though music making, he has focused on addressing the current polarity in politics with the release of Common Sense, a twelve song collection that speaks to the divisions our country now faces with hope and humor. After coming of age through the turbulent sixties and experiencing the healing power of music to unite, Nicholson aspires to serve as well as entertain. More at and Qualified Records.

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