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Rock and Blues Muse Critic Review of Let It Bleed Revisited – An Ovation From Nashville

" Let It Bleed Revisited – An Ovation From Nashville is every bit the record you’d hope it would be and does fine work reinventing this landmark recording. Highly recommended." Rock and Blues Muse Magazine

My co-producer Kevin McKendree and I are honored by this very warm review by one of the blues industry's leading music critics.

Here's another gem quote:

"Let It Bleed Revisited goes for broke immediately with Jimmy Halland Bekka Bramlett’s ferocious reading of “Gimme Shelter,” one of The Rolling Stones’ all-time peak moments.

Both vocalists hit it hard, putting every ounce of their humanity into this fearsome song.

The Rock House All Stars, who are John Heithaus (bass), Kevin McKendree (keyboards, guitars, backup vocals, percussion), Yates McKendree (drums), and Rob McNelley (acoustic and electric guitars), are on fire here, giving these two powerhouse voices everything they need to touch the darkening sky. "

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